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“Nilsen had a mature stroke and a virtuosic style. Brilliantly beautiful, playful and strong playing.”


“Nilsen guided the bow with wit and authority. Her playing was full of sweetness, enthusiasm, playfulness and
a rich tone.”


" It was great to experience a young violinist master Beethoven’s Violin Concerto in such a mature way. Nilsen carved out the work's melodic lines and impressed with colors of sound, warmth and intensity in the high registers. 
...A musician's goal is to capture the audience’s interest in a work of music, its construction, moods and values. Nilsen succeeded beyond doubt! " 

- Berit Kvinge Tjøme




Anna Margrethe



​“Violinists Anna Margrethe Nilsen and Jesús Reina and violist Jesús Rodriguez gave an exceptionally lucid and radiant account of the Dvorak (Terzetto)...It was a vibrant, heartfelt performance that captured the character of each of the movements splendidly...a fabulous concert that showed that the future of classical music is indeed in good hands."

Edward Reichel 
Music critic of the Desert News, Chamber Music Magazine, OPERA Magazine, 15 Bytes and Park City Magazine

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